"We are a dynamic team of elite professionals. We have come together to bring the ultimate result possible on our projects." -DreaMedia Productions

DreaMedia Productions is an “end-to-end” Film & Video production company. Since our founding in 2008 we have been headquartered in Wilmington, DE. With new branches coming located in ATL, Georgia, NY, New York and LA, California we are striving to connect Film Makers with outlets to make a career out of there craft. Our greatest priority is provide top quality production jobs. With a top-notch internal staff and state of the art equipment, sacrifices in project quality is never a concern. Many of our competitors look at dollars and cents before they spec a project, DreaMedia looks at what is best for the project and proceeds with a manageable budget. We work extremely hard to provide the quality that makes your production the best it can be. We look forward to growing a relationship with you while creating fantastic art.

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