We cover a full range of services including film, television, web series, live events, distribution, and brand awareness/management.

DreaMedia Productions offers comprehensive Film Production services. While working with DreaMedia, we are with you the whole way: from pre-production to final cut in post production, to distribution. Our expertise is available for projects of any length: from short films to full features and documentaries. We are a team of dreamers, and creative minds that love stories in all forms and want to give an outlet for creative individuals and companies to see their vision launch onto the big or small screen.

Distribution is often the unspoken, forgotten element of the process. DreaMedia works to lessen the mystique of this phase by giving creative souls access to our distribution avenues from physical to digital – and to find the best conduit for your project and dream to hit the biggest target audience.

TV & Web Series

DreaMedia Productions can bring your television concept to reality and help keep your content going for seasons to come. Starting your own web show? No problem, DreaMedia can help increase your viewership from the ground up. With our expertise, DreaMedia Productions can help you capture the mass audience available on the internet. Recording in full HD, with high quality video and audio equipment, our experienced team will deliver your program with clean and consistent quality. Distributing content ranging from comedy, news, drama, and reality programming, our flexibility provides just the right service to make your television and web series needs successful.

Live Events

DreaMedia actually cut its’ teeth in the fast paced world of live event media coverage – so you can trust us to supply you with the tools and talent necessary to capture and cater to your specific event. From still images, to video, or even audio coverage, DreaMedia will help you fully immortalize your moment. We pride ourselves in top quality photography, cinematography, and crystal clear sound recording to record and preserve your live event forever.


Looking to get your feature film or TV show out to the masses? You can Partner with DreaMedia Productions and will help with your distribution needs. Through a variety of platforms, DreaMedia Productions can guide you and maximize exposure and profits of your project.
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Digital Brand Mangement

Branding is important. As companies and individuals we are more than the sum of our parts – more than just a collection of products and services we offer – we are a unique vision that requires specific tailoring to effectively reach the public.

No matter what stage your company, vision, and plan are currently in –success is needed to reach the next rung on the ladder. Brand management and having a bird’s eye awareness of your trajectory is vital for growth and to see your dream soar to the heights it truly deserves. Let us ensure your plan is nurtured by our team’s cumulative experience in problem solving and brand success. Traditional advertising can only go so far – at DreaMedia we delve deep into your individual process, ethic, and vision to build a plan that best suits your brand pathway. We take the necessary time to listen to your story, your dream, so that we fully understand what you and your company is truly about, and build a plan to maximize success and reach.

We strategize and consult with each client on a per project bases to ensure the right solutions are used for the job. Our priority is efficiency and growth for your company. Some of our services utilized to reach those priorities include brand development, brand management, brand awareness, community engagement, design, and location-based advertising. Let DreaMedia handle your vision and broaden your audience and reach today!


Working alongside nonprofits, schools, and even the Department of Justice, DreaMedia Productions has a longstanding relationship with helping the community. Our projects have tackled social issues ranging from AIDS awareness to gun violence and more. Recently we have partnered with Wilmington University to bring real life experience to students wishing to work in the field of video production.
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In association with the Department of Justice and the Delaware Department of Correction, DreaMedia Productions has been changing lives through our short films such as "Choice Road: Editor's Cut" and "Gun Court". Today, these projects are used by government agencies and schools to help make a difference in the community.
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